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Established in 2008, Targetbase has a strong track record in assisting major organisations to create, implement and manage marketing programs and campaigns that achieve results. We are specialists in developing and implementing effective, integrated marketing communications. Our expertise enables us to help our clients on a ‘hands-on’ basis by deploying our contractors within your operation under our management and guidance, empowering you with their knowledge and experience without the organisational commitment of a full-time employee.

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Provision of Marketing Communication Human Resources without direct Employment:
Our clients often have a need for additional marketing staff but are hindered by headcount or employment budget limits. However, they often have marketing budgets to cover external supplier services for specific sales and marketing activity. We can assist your business by accepting responsibility for developing and implementing your marketing campaigns, programs and events. We do this by placing our talented contractors in your organisation on fixed term contracts, so you get the marketing outcomes without long term staffing commitment.

Our 5 Step Approach


Discovery session to discuss scope of the assignment and the skill-set required. Present costs based on agreed scope.


Targetbase Integrated appointed to be responsible for the development and implementation of programs within the assignment scope and allocates one or more skilled employees to be deployed in your operation.


Targetbase Integrated is briefed by the client marketing team and then instructs and manages our employees in developing and implementing the programs.


Targetbase Integrated reviews the status of each campaign and program and recommends amendments were appropriate. On approval by client, adjustments are made to improve the program outcomes.


At completion of the assignment, Targetbase Integrated reviews the overall performance with the client. If an assignment is extended, we will continue the deployment of the existing employees. If it concludes, Targetbase Integrated will extract its employees from the client operation.

our services


With over a decade of experience in developing, implementing, managing and evaluating marketing programs and campaigns, we can assist in getting you on the right path with marketing communication designed to achieve your sales and marketing objectives.


We will accept responsibility for each assignment and deploy our skilled employees within your organisation in Singapore or in Australia. This service has enabled our clients to execute sales and marketing activities that may otherwise have been out of their reach.

our singapore office

Established in Singapore in 2008, we have a long-standing relationship with many of the larger multi-nations, often through their Regional Offices in Singapore. Over the years we have set up and implemented marketing programs and/or provided skilled marketing contractors to VMware, Hewlett Packard, Great Eastern Life, Lenovo, Google and others. We understand the demands on Regional Marketers and can assist with ‘direct’ or ‘indirect’ solutions. Talk to us about your challenges and we will assist in providing the appropriate solutions.

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our australian office

Many of our projects and programs are initiated through our clients’ Regional offices in Singapore. Our Australian office enables us to implement these programs and deploy our skilled employees in Australia, with full employment and legal compliance. We can assist no matter where you are located. We believe in maintaining close relationships with our clients. As well as undertaking reviews of each program that we are involved with, we also have Quarterly Review Meetings with each client to ensure each assignment generates maximum impact.

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